As a part of US Youth Soccer Player Development Initiatives, the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and Arrowhead Youth Soccer have placed new birth year guidelines into effect as of January 2017. Below is some information from the U.S. Soccer website to give you more information on why these changes are happening.

Through these initiatives, U.S. Soccer aims to develop players with more individual skill, intelligence, creativity and confidence. These changes also provide a consistent approach across the country while challenging the status quo of our soccer landscape by focusing on the development of the individual versus the success of a team. Parents can also have a better understanding of exactly what they should expect from a soccer program for their children.

More information can be found here: U.S. Soccer Player Development Initiatives

Or, read the FAQ document here: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to follow these initiatives?

All of U.S. Soccer’s membership is required to put these initiatives into place no later than August of 2017. This includes, but is not limited to, all youth members and their respective competitions: State Associations, US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY, etc.