A Free Soccer Camp for Kids Diagnosed with ASD

Sponsored by Advantage Emblem and Jimmy John’s

Dates, times, and location will be posted on our website in early March. In the meantime, you can read what the Dynamo camp is all about! 


AYSA will offer an opportunity for kids ages 6-12 who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to participate in a soccer camp designed to be a fun and positive experience for many kids on the Autism Spectrum.

This camp will emphasize fun and soccer skill training in a flexible environment, minimize rules and competition, and provide opportunities for kids and parents to choose a level of interaction and skill development that works best for them.

This unique AYSA program will provide experiences that are conducive to children who fall within a wide range of the autism spectrum.  All coaches and volunteers will have experience or training related to understanding the unique characteristics of participants on the autism spectrum, including special considerations that will need to be made in order for all participants to be successful.


During this session, we will offer skills stations that will provide opportunities for kids to learn and have fun dribbling, passing and shooting.

Here is a description of basic functions that we believe will be important to parents to consider when deciding whether this camp will be an appropriate fit for their child.   We believe that in order to participate in this program, a child should to be able to do the following, at a minimum.

  • Imitate basic motor skills such as kicking, running and jumping.
  •  Follow basic verbal directions.
  • Transition between activities independently or with the help of visual supports.

If an individual is able to participate safely in the program but requires individual assistance with communication, behavior support or with activities of daily living, parents will be asked to take a more active role in ensuring that their child is able to fully participate in program activities.  Please contact us with any questions regarding your child’s ability to participate in this camp.