2015 Referee Awards!

Each year, the Arrowhead Youth Soccer Board of Directors recognizes outstanding young referees from the previous season.  The referees are nominated by AYSA’s Referee Director, with input from senior referees.  At the 2016 Annual meeting, we will announce the referees receiving this reward for  their work during the 2015 season.


Click Read More to see the 2014 receipients announced at the 2015 AGM.

 Outstanding Female Referee for 2014:  Sophia Langr

Sophia began her referee career in the spring of 2011 when she was only 12 years old.  She lives in the Woodland area, and attends school at Harbor City.  2014 was her 4th year of reffing, and many of her mentors and fellow referees felt that she really found her confidence and made it her best year of reffing yet.    Sophia has proved a dependable and responsible referee who has risen to the challenge of the more difficult level games I gave her this year.  She is at the field on time, and comes ready to work.  Her attitude is serious, but she has a very friendly and outgoing personality that serves her well in difficult situations that referees must deal with.  After four years working as a soccer official, Sophia has made huge strides over these last two years.  Everyone she worked with said they saw real improvement and a completely new level of confidence in her match and people control.  Sophia is an excellent choice for this award.


Outstanding Male Referee for 2014:  Key Powless 

Key began reffing in the spring of 2012, when he was 12 years old.    He is now 15 and a sophomore at Harbor City.  Key has developed into one of our most promising and accomplished referees in just the 3 short years he has been reffing.  He is also the only referee who has received both our Rookie Referee Award his first year and now being recognized again for his continued outstanding performance and contribution. 

Key impressed mentors from the very beginning with his confident attitude and his hunger for information from instructors and senior referees.    Key has genuine enthusiasm for the game, and has a personality that gives him control and confidence without being arrogant.  He has a good rapport with players and coaches.  Key has high expectations of himself and clearly expects to do quality work every game.


Rookie Female Referee for 2014:  Jessica Liang 

Jessica lives in Cloquet, and started reffing in fall 2014 when she was 13.  Our Referee Director calls her “one of the sharpest young referees I have seen in several years.”    

Jessica has a quiet but firm confidence that tells everyone she is in charge, and knows what she is doing.  Her grasp of game mechanics and game management is quite remarkable for her young age and limited experience.   Plus, she clearly enjoys her job.


Rookie Male Referee for 2014:  Connor Feyen 

Connor lives on Park Point and attends Ordean Middle School.  He began his referee work in the fall of 2013.    

Mentors noted that Connor was focused on working hard and improving in his very first games.  He is very open to feedback and takes his job seriously.  As he progressed through his first year, his confidence grew and he was assigned more difficult games.  Connor shows an easy, but concentrated confidence when he speaks to players and coaches.  Connor has all the tools and personality to be an excellent referee. 


All of our referee award recipients went above and beyond the call of duty, exhibited a willingness to work when called at the last minute, and demonstrated significant competence and professionalism.  The AYSA Board thanks them and all of our fine referees for a great season in 2014.


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