Do you coach players that have asthma?  Learn more about how to help those players have the best possible youth soccer experience and receive a free Coaches Clipboard!
  Coaches and Referees:
Every day you work with children who have asthma.  Now there's a program especially for you.  Log onto: 
An online program highlighting what a coach should know about asthma.

* Learn asthma basics. 
* What to do during an attack. 
* How to help athletes manage their symptoms so they can play their best.          

It takes just a few minutes to learn the steps to help your team and maybe even save a player's life. Once you've watched the video online, you can sign up to receive a FREE coach's clipboard, certificate of attendance, and more! 
For more information or questions about asthma, contact the Northeast Minnesota Asthma Coalition, email:, or call (218) 726-4721
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