If you are looking for a flexible evening and weekend summer work, consider refereeing. 
You must be at least 13 years old to referee in our Upper Division season, and at least 11 years old to referee in our Lower Division season.
Many games are weekday evenings.  We will try to schedule you for 2 games each evening that you work.

Make Money - Become a Referee!

If you are looking for a flexible, evening and weekend summer job, consider refereeing.   Here's what we pay per game:

Upper Division and Competitive (May - July)
Division Center Assistant
U17 - U19 Games $33    $20
U16 Games $33 $16
U15 Games
U14 Games $28 $14
U13 Games
U11-12 Games
Lower Division (August - September)
Division Center Assistant
U12 - U13 Games $22 $10
U10 Games $14  ----
U8 Games $10  ----
Fall League (September - October)
U15 Games                                   


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