New Age Groups for AYSA Spring Soccer

U12 League Added!

AYSA’s Spring Upper Division Recreational Program will have a new look in 2014. Age groups have changed to U12, U15, and U18. This will allow 10-year-old players an opportunity to play in our spring league, as well as moving 13 year olds into our U15 program, making it consistent with our Fall U15 program.

AYSA’s spring U12 league will play small sided soccer, with 9 players on the field for each team. A slightly smaller field will be used for our spring U12 games, and most fields will have goals that are 3 feet smaller in width than full size goals. Less players on the field will allow players to get more touches on the ball at this important developmental age.

13 year old players have been participating in AYSA’s Fall League for many years. The decision was made to include them in the spring U15 league to ensure an appropriate number of teams in that age group, as well as a more challenging and satisfying soccer experience for 13 year old players.

A Few Things You Should Know About AYSA Leagues

  • No jewelry allowed! All jewelry, including earrings, needs to be removed before players enter the field. Yep, even if you just pierced your ears!
  • Schedules go to coaches, about three weeks prior to the beginning of the season.
  • AYSA’s Lower Division Program, with leagues for 5-12 year old players, begins August 1, and registers in late April. The next issue of the newsletter will have more information on that program.
  • You can always contact the AYSA office at or 218-624-1713 with questions.
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