Registration for Lower Division soccer, ages 5 – 13 will be held in late April or early May 2018 at various sites. Use these guidelines to determine your child’s age group.

2018 Birth Year Guidelines Must Be Born In…
U6 (“Under-6”) 2013*
U8 (“Under-8”) 2011-2012
U10 (“Under-10”) 2009-2010
U12 (“Under-12”) 2007-2008
U14 (“Under-14”) 2005-2006

*Some clubs allow 2014 birth year players to register for the U6 age group. Check the registration information for your club for verification.

These Birth Year Guidelines were put into effect by US Youth Soccer in Fall 2017. The article below explains US Youth Soccer’s move to birth year registration (Note: This article is from 2017. If you view the Birth Year Registration Chart, our Lower Division League will fall in the 2018-2019 Season so you need to add one year to the 2017-2018 Season)

5 Things to Know About Birth Year Registration