AYSA is in the process of upgrading our website to a brand new simple, mobile-friendly site. We are excited to offer this new website beginning in June. With a brand new updated website, we are also updating our league names to better reflect the season which they take place. We hope this update will:

  1. Give more clarity to all parents and families during the registration process.
  2. Simplify the names of our leagues.
  3. Make it easier to find information on our website for all our programs and leagues.

Below is a breakdown of the league name changes as well as league information related to registration, age groups, and more. Please click on the league below that you are looking for more information and it will take you to the correct page.

Upper Division Spring Rec League will become AYSA Summer League (ages 10-19). Registration is closed for this league. Schedules will be released to coaches at the coaches meeting on April 24. The season begins May 20 and ends mid-July.

Lower Division Summer Rec League will be AYSA Fall League (ages 4 – 13). Registration opens in April for all our AYSA clubs for ages 4 – 13 (players born 2015-2006). The season begins August 1 and ends mid-late September. Schedules will be released to coaches at the coaches meeting on July 10.

Upper Division Fall League will become AYSA U16 League (ages 13-15). Registration opens in mid-August for this league. Information will be posted early August with registration details. Players born 2004-2006 are able to participate. Players can participate in both the Fall League and the U16 League if age eligible.