Welcome to the AYSA Upper Division U15 Boys Playoffs!


Information on the First Round of Playoffs

Each team in the U15 Boys league will play two first round playoff games.  The four teams earning the most points in those games will then advance to a Final Four.

Ties are allowed in first round playoff games.

For first round playoff games, the winning team coach should call the game scores to AYSA at 624-1713 immediately after the game is played.  Both coaches call if the game ends in a tie.  Please leave team names and numbers, age group, score, and which team won. Remember, the sooner you call your score in, the sooner scores will be posted and Final Four pairings can be determined.  First round scores will be posted on this web site daily and Final Four pairings when they are determined.

The point system used to determine advancement to the Championship is as follows:

Win = 6   Tie = 3   Shutout Win = 1   Each goal = 1 (max 3 per game)

If teams are tied in points at the end of first round play, the following tiebreakers will determine advancement.

  1. Head to head in playoff play
  2. Most wins in playoffs
  3. Goal differential (goals for minus goals against, max 3 per game)
  4. Fewest goals allowed in playoffs
  5. Most shutouts in playoffs
  6. Head to head in regular season
  7. Ranking in regular season

Information on the Final Four

In the U15 Boys Division, the four teams with the most points will advance.  First round Final Four games are determined by season ranking.  The highest ranked (or seeded) team that advances will play the 4th highest ranked team that advances, regardless of which teams have the most points.  The second highest seeded team that advances will play the third seed.  If this is confusing, don’t worry, match ups and field assignments will be listed on this web site.

All Final Four players will receive an AYSA Final Four t-shirt.  There will be no other tournament awards.

Ties are not allowed in Final Four games.  If tied at the end of regulation time, Final Four games will go to two (2) golden goal five-minute overtime periods.  Golden goal means that the game will end immediately after the first overtime goal.  Kicks from the penalty spot per FIFA rules will occur if the game is still tied at the end of overtime.  The exception to FIFA rules in this situation is that all players will be eligible to be chosen by the coach to kick.  Players need not be on the field at the end of overtime.

The playoffs are a time when coaches and fans get a little more tense, and can take out their frustrations on our referees.  This is a time to be very respectful to all those involved in our games, especially the referees.  Please be gentle with our referees, pick up your garbage and leave your dogs at home.

If you have questions, please call the AYSA office at 218-624-1713 or email info@arrowheadsoccer.com.