If you are 13 years of age or older, you can become a certified referee in 2021!

If you are a returning referee, please head to for directions on how to re-certify.


If you are 13 years or older, you can become a USSF certified referee. In order to become a certified referee, all new referees need to complete the USSF Certification and all training requirements detailed below.

New for 2021! All new referee requirements are now ONLINE. There is no in-person requirement for 2021.

Follow the steps below to become a certified referee in 2021:

  1. Email the AYSA Referee Coordinator, Morgan MacLean, to be added to the potential referee list. You can also ask Morgan any questions you have before beginning your training.  
  2. Create an account with the Minnesota State Referee Committee at Click on the yellow New Referee Info button. This will give you all the steps you need to complete your training requirements. 
  3. Complete your online trainings (about 12-14 hours). You can leave and come back as needed to complete the training. 
  4. Complete the final test.

Reminder, referees must register with the USSF and pay their registration fees online BEFORE they can start online trainings.

If you are a new referee and sign up before March 31, you can possibly get your registrations fees paid for! Learn how by emailing Morgan at


New for 2021! AYSA has a brand new Junior Referee Program! This program is designed for kids under the age of 13 who wish to begin the process of becoming a certified referee in the future. The program consists of an online training session as well as an in-person training and, upon completion of this program, these junior referees will then begin their introduction to junior refereeing in games during AYSA’s Fall Rec League, which begins in August.

To learn more, please contact Morgan MacLean at


New for 2021! US Soccer has decided to roll all 2020 returning referee certifications through the entirety of 2021. Any official who has completed 2020 certification will now be certified through all of 2021 as well, with no need to pay a 2021 fee.

All Minnesota officials will be required to complete the 13-minute 2020-21 IFAB Changes to the Laws of the Game presentation in order to remain eligible for assignment. This is now available in their Online Material on the Minnesota SRC website.

Registration and online progress will remain open in a rolling status for 2021 through June 25, 2021.

The SRC also has a new Grassroots Tier Program. The emphasis of the new Tier system is self-motivated participation designed to provide higher tier classification for officials who are continuously participating. Stronger officials will be utilizing the system to constantly review the Law book and maintain year-round fitness levels. There is no requirement for participation in the Tier program, it is completely optional.