Nominate Your Coach or Club Volunteer for the AYSA Community Service Award!

The AYSA Community Service Award honors those who are excellent role models who generously give of their time and talents for the good of the game and community. The criteria for the award are derived from the tenants of the AYSA mission statement. Recipients of the award should be any individual involved with the AYSA who coaches, models or promotes the following attributes of the mission:

1. Someone who is an excellent role model.

2. Someone who has generously given their time and talents for the good of the game and the community.

3. Someone who models and/or promotes the following attributes of the mission of AYSA:

Fun, Sportsmanship, Respect, Community Building, Responsibility, Healthy Lifestyles, and Fulfillment of Potential.

Click here for more information and to nominate your coach for the AYSA Community Service Award for 2024!


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Ball Skills and Drills

I never played soccer… I can’t demonstrate ball skills!

Yes you can! The coach demonstrates the move slowly in easy to copy steps. You can always recruit a college or high school player to show the moves at speed. Spend 15 minutes every practice on individual skills and don’t be put off because it is difficult, repetition is the key to player development.

Check out some resources below.

Example one from Teach PE, some great drills and ball skills.

Helpful YouTube Channels for Drills and Ideas:


Coaching for Change

What impact do you have on your players? Are you interested in coaching for success of your players ON and OFF the field?
As a coach, you are the most important role model in the lives of your players. It is an unfortunate reality that many of the youth you interact with face violence and abuse in their relationships, homes, and other environments. Our youth deserve an equal playing field where they can achieve their full potential as athletes and human beings. YOU can help ensure this.

Coaching for Change is an interactive online training that provides coaches on the ground examples of how to recognize and address issues of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, teen dating violence, and domestic violence. The training focuses on the primary prevention of these behaviors by introducing skills and strategies which create a team culture of gender equality and respect. Do you want to help boys develop into respectful, nonviolent, healthy young men? Are you committed to being an even better role model for the girls on your team by helping them flourish as athletes and confident young adults?

Click the link to take part in the interactive online training and help us ensure that all youth have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in sports, and in life:

The link above will take you to Create an Account where you will need to fill out your name, email, and create a password. Select AYSA in the drop down menu and you’re ready to go! Coaching for a Change is a collaborative project between Men As Peacemakers and Arrowhead Youth Soccer.